Ziam Mayne
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Shipped Members:

Zayn Malik and Liam Payne

Ship Status:

Friends... Or more. *wink*.

Type of Ship:


Ziam Mayne (Zayn Malik + Liam Payne), is the epic pairing between Zayn and Liam. Yet rarely called "Layn Palik" or "Ziam Palik", Zayn clearly has a crush on Liam. Despite the fact that Liam has a girlfriend, he admits he loves the Bradford Badboy... Yo.

Ziam is one of the most popular 1D bromances, next to Larry Stylinson. People like shipping Larry, Ziam and Narry.

There is A LOT of evidence that Ziam was actually a real romantic relationship at one point in time (It has NEVER been denied *wink*). Liam is also the only member of One Direction that Zayn still talks to.


  • In most group photos, they're always next to each other.
  • They love each other.
  • Liam doesn't have Zayn's number, because they're always together all day and they don't need phones.
  • They met in McDonald's.
  • They knew each other before 1D existed.
  • Liam is the only member of 1D that Zayn still talks to.
  • In an interview, Liam actually admitted that him and Zayn have in fact kissed on the lips before, but they only did it for a dare of course.
  • They are rumored to be secretly in love with each other


  • In Liam's live chat, Zayn came to the room and yelled "VAS HAPPENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN" and then he was about to leave and Liam said: "Bye Zayn, I love you".
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  • Most interviews with the two involve Zayn staring at Liam and sometimes biting his lip, A LOT.
  • In a video, Liam is talking and Zayn comes and gives him a kiss on the cheek, and Liam faints.
  • When they hade their mini-them dolls, Zayn made his mini-him doll kiss Liam's mini-him doll on the lips.
  • In a video, Zayn is close to Liam and at the end he kisses him on the cheek. (Gif is below).
  • There is a video of Liam giving GiGi (Zayns current girlfriend) a dirty look as she came over to say hi to the band on the red carpet.
  • They also glance at each others lips a lot while sometimes biting their own while doing it.
  • Their is a video of Zayn running over and kissing Liam, either on the cheek or the corner of his mouth, and then Liam saying "I love it" while falling to the ground pretending to faint. (It is the first Gif under, "Ziam Kisses" down below)

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